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aAs we entered 21st century, world became smaller. Any thing at any where can be easily transmitted to an approachable distance to people across the country. However, here in Canada, can we get to know what exactly the Japanese culture is?

With having Japan-Canada relationship reaching 80 years, in JAPAN EXTREME, we would like to let people here in Toronto to know Japanese entertainment and food culture, and even more, by exchanging cultures of Japan and Canada, we would like to create a new culture of Japan and Canada.

JAPAN EXTREME. An event of music, motion picture, dance, performance, Japanese traditional arts to the brand new arts of Japan, and expressing Japan and Canada's culture colaborated entertainment.

Here in the multicultural city of Toronto, experience the Japanese entertainment and the brand new entertainment.


そこで日加80周年のこの節目の年に、JAPAN EXTREMEでは、ここカナダ、トロントで日本の芸能や食文化に触れてもらい、日本をもっと知ってもらいたい、さらに日本とカナダの文化交流を交え、今までになかった、日本とカナダの新しい文化を創作したいと考えております。

音楽あり、映像あり、ダンスあり、パフォーマンスあり、日本の伝統芸能から新鋭のアートまで、さらに日本とカナダの文化を融合した総合エンターテイメントを表現する、JAPAN EXTREME。